Dear partners,

RS²D has grown in recent years thanks to imaging projects. Since last year, we have deliberately given spectrometry at the heart of our development efforts.

And Pulse is born!

Our ambition with the marketing of this new NMR console is to get the actual need of the customer Spectroscopist as a priority in order to offer a product to the right price!

Other values that lead us in the company are based on the human relationship and service application support to users.

The last point to my eyes that is really important in our field, is innovation.

Innovation is to take into account the wishes of market developments by listening. It’s also reactivity in the decisions. It’snecessary to build an interactive structure among the various skills needed to deploy a project and to succed.

All these parameters give us an unbeatable competitive advantage over the existing players and tomorrow we will work with you to achieve your new challenges !

                                                                         Rémy Schimpf – Founding President

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