Best performance in the industry for all subsystems: fully integrated, large field of view small animal triple modality whole-body tomograph with 700 µm PET, 30 µm CT and 275 µm SPECT spatial resolution for quantitative in vivo imaging with complete animal handling system

The nanoScan pre-clinical PET/SPECT/CT imaging system is a fully integrated molecular imaging system designed to provide solutions for small animal life science, molecular imaging research and drug discovery.

When it comes to flexibility Mediso fulfills any researcher need by offering multiple configurations. The small animal imaging systems can be combined with up to three imaging modalities (microPET, microSPECT and microCT) in a single, integrated and automated platform. From starting laboratories with constrained budget to highest-end combinations where the available space is limited, we can offer many combinations with the continuous on-site upgrade possibility and wide array of accessories.

Summary of Key Benefits

  • Accommodates the following choices of modalities available individually, in any combination of two, or all three:
    • PET subsystem with two different axial fields of view and two different transaxial fields of view (select from mice to large rats or select from mice to rabbits),
    • one, two, or four digital gamma detectors for SPECT imaging with the possibility to image large animals with parallel-hole collimators
    • variable field of view CT imaging from in vitro dedicated CT imaging to whole-body rabbit imaging.
  • Single-axis animal movements with automated acquisition boundaries and co- registration between modalities.
  • Imaging capability for larger animals, such as monkeys with 27cm opening for SPECT and 16cm combined gantry bore diameter for both PET and CT.
  • Open tunnel construction for tail injection and blood sampling with animal in the FOV – ideal for dynamic applications.
  • Fully integrated with MultiCell™, the complete small animal environment systemto provide vital support functions to lab animals during the whole application process. Integrated physiological monitoring system for ECG, respiration, and temperature.
  • Integrated cardiac and respiratory gating capabilities for every modality (PET, SPECT and CT*)
  • Standalone use is possible for each modality.
  • Compliant with CE, DICOM, CFR 21 industry standards.
  • Extremely compact and easy-to-use design.


The nanoScan™ SPECT/CT/PET perfectly satisfies the need for quantified imaging in all preclinical application areas such as: tumor biology, receptor studies in neuroscience, inflammation and immunology, and development of radiotracers and contrast agents.