The nanoScan® MR 7.0 provides images with excellent resolution and with very high sensitivity. Through a clinical 7T magnetic field, the system allows the Translational in vivo imaging of small animals and is particularly suitable for examinations requiring greater sensitivity, including brain imaging.

MRI 7 Tesla
Field strength  7.0 Tesla (1H 300Mhz) high field
Magnet Supraconducting cryogen free
Free access
Usable acces
168 mm
72 mm rat, 42 mm mouse
Residual field
5 Gauss line
< 200 cm axial
< 160 cm radial
+/- 0.5 ppm more than 50 mm DSV
+/- 1 ppm more than 60 mm DSV
Gradients power 450 mT/m
Magnet weight < 650 kg
Space required Not much space required no need to have a dedicated room